jeti’s interpretation of flower power’s choreography


Am I the only one who thinks the Destiel shippers are scary good at this?…. it’s a good thing for me though…..No shame for liking this. SO. MUCH. FEELS. S’cute!


Ruki’s neck stripes appreciation post ~

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GET SET, GO! from SIXTH BULLETS to CODA | To support each other, to laugh together, to cry, to get hurt, let's all walk together to that same colored dream - Kare Uta

Reita: I went to an industrial high school, but I wish I had gotten qualifications from there. I didn’t get any.

Uruha: Then why did you go?

Kai: Huh? Didn’t you say once you were getting a permit to handle dangerous machinery or something?

Reita: I failed.

All: Wahahahaha!

Aoi: So it’s not that you wished you had done it, you couldn’t.